MA-1370 Bone Fat Extraction Unit BEU 1370-50 916

Bone Fat Extraction Unit

For use in anatomy and preparation for chemical
thermical degreasing of bone specimens by use of
methylene chloride (dichlormethane) in a closed
low temperature vapour degreasing system at 41°C

Applications: anatomy and museum bone preparation

Type: MA-1370


Compact unit for odourless bone fat extraction with Solvent recycling And an integrated extraction ventilation of hazardous fumes via a duct system ready for a connection to the outside of the workspace or building

Compact unit in following configuration:

  • durable stainless steel frame construction complete with integrated stainless steel safety tray for collection of fluids and step-on grate
  • hermetical sealed vessel with appr. 200 litre volume and drain stud, extraction system, specimen basket, grease collection plate and special closing mechanism with viton seal ring. Double-wall lid system with cooling system with counterbalancing for easy opening / closing.
  • A container is optional ready for activated carbon filter pellets with a duct stud for leading cleaned fumes into the atmosphere
  • integriertes Gebläse sorgt für die schonende Trocknung der Knochen-Präparate
  • integrated fan system for removal of gases and dry of bones
  • automatic control system for functions: degreasing, distillation, drying (located in integrated control box)
  • digital temperature display (set /actual)
  • Integrated vapour-lock-device
  • Integrated remote maintenance service model (for VPN-tunnel)