About us

This is MEDIS Medical Technology

MEDIS Medical Technology GmbH is a leading global designer and producer of innovative high-tech precision instruments for Tissue Processing and Special Institute Equipment made of stainless steel. The company manufactures a broad range of products. It also offers system solutions in the areas of Institute Planning / Furnishing.


The prerequisite for a professional medical work and an optimum in diagnostics is the careful and professional planning / furnishing of an institute and the individual departments together with the specific targets of the individual institutes in both, the scientific / diagnostic and the economic target.


Our experience (over 30 years) has lead to the result that many unique products were developed and distributed on a worldwide basis. The latest developments are the unique PABH-System (Pathology Anatomy Body Transfer-System) which allows the body to be transfered with touching it, the world largest programme of autopsy-, obduction- and dissecting- tables, the “SprayCon CS” system amd „DryCon“ system for whole body fixation / preservation in a closed system and the very special products “Bonefat-Extration-Units” and “Bone-Maceration-Units” used in anatomy, museum preparation work and criminal technology.

New Patented Instrument Systems

In 2010 we introduced a unique patented system called “DryCon HPPS” a world revolutionary system for anatomy (no use of formalin!).