The prerequisite for a professional medical work and an optimum in diagnostics is the careful and professional planning / furnishing of an institute and the individual departments together with the specific targets of the individual institutes in both, the scientific / diagnostic and the economic target.


Our experience (over 30 years), has lead to the result that many unique products were developed and distributed on a worldwide basis. The latest developments are the unique PABH-System (Pathology Anatomy Body Transfer-System) which allows the body to be transfered without touching it, the world largest programme of autopsy-, obduction- and dissecting- tables, the “SprayCon CS” system and the „DryCon“ system for whole body fixation / preservation in a closed system and the very special products “Bonefat-Extraction-Units” and “Bone-Maceration-Units” used in anatomy, museum preparation work and criminal technology.


MEDIS Medical Technology GmbH is officially permitted to manufacture stainless steel products and instrument systems by the President of the State of Hessen / Germany. Consequently, the company is listed at the Chamber of German Manufacturers. The actual manufacturing is done under ISO 9001 certification. The company has the capacity to even take on large orders and to finish them according to the deadlines. This is very important when complete institutes have to be equipped with new stainless steel products and the tender committee has to choose the company, next to other important facts, with the best possible economic strength.


During the past years MEDIS Medical Technology GmbH / Germany has become the leading complete furnisher of the a. m. institutes and has global presence comprising many exclusive, company trained agents and a well functioning technical customer service system. The long-term strategy of the company simply can be rounded up by stating to be the unique general – furnisher of the named institutes on a worldwide basis.

Close connection to the users

Since MEDIS Medical Technology GmbH / Germany has always practiced a close connection to the users, the feed-back from them was used to set-up a so called “Solution Center” which is available to the international group of hospital-planners and customers and shall be used to find individually tailored furnishment-solutions with the assistance of our specialists.