Docking embalming table(mobile)

Typ: MA-0974


Novel perfusion tableconcept with 4-split, perforated working area
with finger holes. The table must be connected to a permanently installed so-called docking station which also includes the controllable exhaust air volume (connection to in-house exhaust air system). The top of the table is designed as a tub. This owns a central drain with removable residual sieve in the upper area, otherwise the bottom of the tub has no recess for exhaust air or similar! In the rear area of the tub floor there are 2 wide-jet rinsing valves, which are used for dilution and quick removal. The function and the rinsing water volume of the rinsing nozzles is adjus-table. On the long sides of the tub there are so-called double slots, which is the effective extraction by an external fan / central exhaust air. The bottom of the tub is noise-absorbing coated. 2 x 230Vsplash-proof sockets for connection of saws etc. contained in the docking column. Legroom on each side of the table about 25cm. 4 impression-free smooth-running rollers (D=150mm) with fixation and for straight-line running ensure a good and easy maneuvering ability. Important note: The “double slot” side suction and the construction of the slot-cover and the tub prevent penetration of splashing water and foreign substances into the exhaust air system!
This safety wall exhaust air system is exclusively designed by MEDIS.

The table is certified and has been in practice over 18 months
(2semesters) on the needs of the dissection area, coordinated with users
and students.


Material: Stainless steel AISI 316 for all parts. Exhaust air output: 1600m³/h adjustable (with energy savings reduction) Connectioncable: 300mm O. D. Dimensions incl. dockingstation: 2810(L) x 900(W) x 850(H)mm Dimensions mobile perfusion table without AS:2060(L) x 900(W) x 850(H)mm


The described perfusion table system is to be used with our perfusion pump system “PerfuTec” as part of the donor body preparation.

Country of Origin

Manufactured in Germany by MEDIS MT GmbH according to ISO 9001 and the applicable EN standards as well as occupational health and safety