Bone fat extraction unit with 1000 mm
Process chamber

For chemical-thermal degreasing of bone tissue with dichloromethane (methylene chloride) in a closed low-temperature vapor-degreasing aerosol system at 40°C. Fields of application: Anatomy and preparation. Degreasing chamber diameter: 1000mm Compact system for odorless bone degreasing. Closed system with extraction of purified exhaust
gases into the atmosphere.

Typ: MA-1390 R2


  • Sturdy stainless steel frame construction complete with integrated stainless steel safety trough and standing grate.
  • Hermetically sealed container for approx. 20 liters of degreasing medium. With discharge and filling spout, suction system, sample basket 900 AD x 750(H)mm. Heated grease drain nozzle. Process chamber lid with integrated pyramid drip shower and
    Viton – press seal. Double-walled, cooled process chamber lid with fully automatic opening for easy handling during opening and closing.
  • integrated blower ensures gentle drying of the bone preparations at 40°C before the degreasing phase
  • automatic control of the functions: Drying, degreasing,
    distillation, etc. by electronic control with touchscreen
    display. All functions also manually programmable!
  • integrated steam return lock
  • integrated remote maintenance module based on “VPN tunnel


a) Bone degreasing chamber made of stainless-steel Inner dimensions 950(diameter) x 1200(H) mm Double jacket for indirect heating by means of heat transfer medium (water or glycerine). Heating 6,0 KW total heating power. Chamber volume degreasing medium: approx. 20 liters
Heated drain port for bone fat attached Double-walled closure lid with special plastic press seal for completely hermetically sealed closure of the chamber during the degreasing process.

The lid is equipped with a counterweight, so that the opening
and closing can be easily performed by any person.
Lid in double-walled design with cooling. Bottom of lid with drop shower for wetting the bone samples to be degreased
(suspended or lying on the grid insert). Inner container Incl.
a ceiling safety switch with magnetic interlock (without the free-
the safety switch on the vessel lid, the unit cannot be put into operation.
Plant cannot be put into operation.
a) Recovery unit for degreasing agent incl. condenser and storage tank
b) Programmable bone drying unit at 40 °C with integrated activated carbon filter and fan
c) Cold water generator (option = strongly recommended). With circulating pump for closed circuit.
Power consumption: 550W; current consumption: 2,6 A;
refrigerant: R 134 a; stepless temperature control from +3 to +21°C. Connection: 230V / 50Hz

Panelling and fittings

The entire chamber surrounded with 40 mm thermal insulation. Outer shell made of stainless-steel sheet, ground.
Splash-proof construction. Adjustable feet for level, leveled placement and installation. Direct access to all fittings, heating elements and other components.

Electrical components

  • thermal fuse (80°C) against overheating
  • electronic thermo-sensor, type PT 100 chamber temperature
  • electronic thermo-sensor, type PT 100 heat transfer medium

Inserts for bone specimens

Standard basket 900mm AD / 600mm high

  • Standard basket 900mm AD / 600mm high with hanging grid
  • Set of suspension bars
  • Filler neck for the heat transfer medium (1/2″)
  • Drain valves – Filling valves / drain valves / overflow valves
  • Connections for automatic filling
  • Sight glass indicator for the heat transfer medium (water)
Stainless steel control cabinet
  • with touch screen display for fully electronic control of the bone extraction unit
  • Dust and splash proof design with door seal.
  • On and off switch

Digital display of: Heat transfer medium temperature, chamber
Temperature (set and actual temperature), Total run time, process, remaining run time, expiration time, function heaters.
Monitoring of: Temperature heat transfer medium, Temperature
degreasing chamber, function heaters

  • Drying (drying of bones by integrated fan at max. 40°C before degreasing).
  • Degreasing
  • Back distillation (for clean separation of bone fat, solvent and process water).
  • Ventilation of the vessel before opening the lid


  • Power supply: 3 Ph / N / PE / 400V / 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 10 KW
  • Heating power: 6 KW
  • Operating current max. 30A
  • Operating temperature: +40 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Material: stainless steel EN / DIN 1.4571 for all product wetted parts

Technical data

Operating voltage: 3 Ph / N / PE / 400 V / 50 Hz
Connected load: 10 KW
Working temperature: +40 °C to + 55 °C
Material: stainless steel EN / DIN 1.4571 for all
product touched parts

  • Network socket


Außenabmessungen insgesamt: 2350(B) x 1730(T) x 2000(H)mm Nutzraumabmessungen: 1000(Durchm.) x 1200(H)mm
Korbmasse / Einhängetiefe: 900 (AD) x 750(H)mm
Andere Nutzraum-Volumen / Korbversionen, Einsätze, Siebe und Spezialhalterungen auf Anfrage!
Gewicht: ca. 1350kg

The customer must connect or provide the equipment

  • Power current 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 25 A
  • Inlet cold water: 1/2″
  • drain cooling water: 1/2″
  • Waste water spigot DN 32
  • exhaust air spigot DN 100
  • Electrical main connection (power current)
    We recommend a floor exhaust with branch for a flexible
    exhaust air hose ID= 60mm (approx.500m³ exhaust air volume)
    The exhaust air volume of the unit can be max.800m³/h, however, it
    is throttled in the factory according to the on-site throttled.

Country of Origin

Manufactured in Germany by MEDIS MT GmbH according to ISO 9001 and the valid EN standards as well as occupational safety and safety regulations.