Central Formalin Supply and Disposal System 600

Fully central automatic formalin supply and disposal system for up to 5 tap stations. For use in pathology and anatomy

Typ: 3000


The system described here is used for the central supply of formalin for especially larger institutes of pathology and anatomy. The formalin plant can be connected up to 5 taps in the grossing lab and other formalin handling areas.

Ideally, the system with the two tanks for fresh and used formalin is placed in a room where the filling and emptying can be performed easily. The tanks (from 600 up to 1500 litres capacity) are available on a security grid container which is able to hold the total amount of the specific container. Since formalin smells strongly, causes breathing problems and is
cancerous, the room must be well ventilated.

Both containers are equipped with a protective steel surrounded frame. Basically, the system offered is a closed system. Fumes cannot enter the room during because the filling and exchange process is done by a professional supply / disposal service. The entire system is designed according to § 19 WHG!

Technical Description of Components

Storage tanks made of plastic

Fully assembled with metal cage for safety Content storage tanks: 600 liters
Level sensor for tank 1 “fresh formalin”. Installation inside threaded lid conductive 3-rod electrode for “minimum” and “absolute minimum “level signalling

Level sensor for tank 2 “old formalin”. Installation inside threaded lid conductive 2 electrode for “Max” level signalling

Metering and conveying pump Pump output: 0 – 150 l / h / pressure: 8 bar Connections: G ¾

Electrical connection: 230/400V / Power: 0.37 kW All wetted parts are resistant to Formalin. Suction side piping in stainless steel

2x shut-off valves in PVC / FPM (1 x for rinsing)

1x stainless steel discharge piping

2x shut-off valves (ball valve) made of PVC / FPM (1 x for emptying and soft start)

1x laboratory dispensing nozzle in stainless steel for filling of containers with integr. flow limiter and backflow preventer, operated by foot switch with electronic metering function (0 to max.). According to DIN 12899, part 2. Filling nozzle is positioned in the extracted area!

1x overflow valve Material: PVC / FPM / PTFE Set pressure: 8 bar connection: G1 outside

1x hose connector for return flow to tank, 20mm OD. Material: PVC

1x pulsation dampener (accumulator)

1x integrated pressure switch Setting range: 1 – 10bar, with adj. hysteresis

1x filling unit made of PVC / FPM

1x connection for secondary pressure line

1x control cabinet for wall mounting for automatic control of the pump, depending on the pressure switch and the display of the tank fill level. Components of the control cabinet:
Main switch, control transformer, three-phase switching for booster pump, control lamps: operation / malfunction, “Manual – 0 – Automatic” switch, relay electrodes for level control,
indicator light for the level inside tank, pump timer with 15 variables. Audible alarm with acknowledgment button.


Power supply: 400V – 3 Phase , 50Hz with N and PE
(Frequency converter possible)
Protection: IP 54
Power consumption: 500 Watt
Dimensions of pump: 800mm x 400mm (inch: 31 x 16)
Height of Pump: 1150mm (inch: 46)
Weight appr.: 80kgs

Place for IBC tank system: 2500mm x 1800mm (inch: 99 x 71)
Height: 2000mm (inch: 79)

To be provided by the customer at site:

  • power supply from the manifold to the tank position and control
  • formalin supply and disposal piping

Country of Origin

Manufactured by MEDIS MT GmbH in Germany acc. to EN and German norms and the health & safety regulations of the EC and Germany!