You as the builder or user of an institute for anatomy, forensic pathology, pathology or toxicology is insterested in a well functioning and economical furnishment and set-up. As a certified manufacturer and general furnisher we would like to advise you and your planner-team, show you our references and conduct product-neutral seminars in your facilities. These include the economic, hygienic and health & safety factors also. This allows you the possibility to implement optimized processes already in the planning phase.

Design / Construction

Our engineers are always willing to create an optimum construction in cooperation with the planners and the users. Most of our products are customized. During the projecting stadium all of the products will be checked on it´s ability to withstand the daily rough routine procedures. After all parties have agreed to the construction, the product-design will be frozen and the construction drawing will be approved for manufacturing. Technical changes are no longer possible.