OP Course Station


The OP-Course-Station MA-1970 has been developed by MEDIS MT in order to enable students and surgeons to perform operations at body donors and thereby improve their skills. Until now, it had not been
possible for surgeons to test certain techniques acquireand thus acquire
confidence. The concept of this particular product embraces a significant amount of necessities, which derive from the common practice of separate
surgical departments. However, the great majority originates from the
practical work in anatomical institutes, where such operation courses
take place. Additionally, this station can be aplied perfectly for handicapped people, since accessibility and height adjustment are provided.

Typ: MA-1970

Design / concept

Due to requirements of the surgical departments a universal system that meets many surgical applications has become necessary. Thus, the station had to be very stable and simultaneously easy to control, especially concerning the body transfer for the positioning in the C-bow x-ray unit. MEDIS owns the design protection and all further rights. For training-operations at fixed (Thiel or formalin) bodies an effective hidden side-extraction of the noxious gases has been integrated in the concept.

Features and functions

Connection to compressed air and vacuum

These connections for surgical power toolss and exhausters are located at both sides of the control column for optimal access and relaxed working. The type of connector will be adapted according to the system and customers preferences.

Height adjustable from 731mm to 1131mm with emergency stop

Height adjustability is a precondition for the adaptation of the body height, the type of course operation, and the ergonomic conditions.

Extraction of the partly noxious gases by effective hidden
side extraction

An effective hidden side-extraction eliminates entirely the carcinogenic gases of the preservatives such as Thiel or the well-known formaldehyde-solution in the breathing area of users. Also the waste water is being directed through the control-column. Each user has the choice whether to utilize the extraction module or not. In order to meet regulations of statutory accident incurances the extraction module (as the dissection tables as well) had to be integrated in the construction.

Transfer tray made of plastic (PTFE) for automatic body transfer

The transfer tray is compatible with all MEDIS systems (corpse cooling, body lifter, preservation cuvettes, transfer carriage and the complete PABH-system). There is no need anymore to carry, pull or lift the body

Floor basin made of plastic (PTFE) with residual sieve

Note: Hidden side-extraction is visible After the removal of the body tray the completely smooth floor basin can be cleaned or sterilized. Tissue residuals are not being directed into the waste water.

Ergonomic tray-tighten- and lock- system for the transfer lid

Removable lateral clamping strips contain devices for accessories/

OP Course Station applicable for C-bow-x-ray-system

The connection of a wet area with C-bow-x-ray-ability was a great challenge, yet, it was crucial for a sophisticated universal-system. Courtesy of the University of Aarhus /Denmark, Dpt. of Anatomy

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 2500(L) x 860(W) x 731 – 1131(H)mm
  • Dimensions work surface incl. extraction:2132(L) x 690(W)mm
  • Material: Stainless steel EN DIN 1.4301
  • Height adjustment: 400mm
  • Hidden side extraction of the work surface (left and right)
  • Transfer body tray made of POM with closable drainage and slope
  • Lower basin made of POM (radiopaque)
  • Body tray-stop for gynec. OP procedures
  • Attachment device for clamping strips

Standard features:

6 x Sockets 230V / 50Hz (3 left and 3 right)
2 x Maintenance doors (left and right)
1 x Hand shower (2,5m) with holder
1 x Push-button for UP / DOWN function
2 x Extraction-hoses (gas-tight) 125mm dia.
1 x Waste-water-hose (2“)
1 x Transfer tray made of POM with 10 wheels
1 x Locking- and pressure platen with sealing for tray transfer
2 x Hidden latch for fixing the platen


2 x Compressed air connections (left and right) for power tools etc.
2 x Vacuum-connections (left and right) for aspirators etc.
The station can accommodate up to 8 clamping strips for holders

On-side preparation

  • Water-levelled floor
  • Waste-water connection 1“
  • Cold water – lead-in ¾“
  • Waterpressure reduction-valve (2 bar)
  • Exhaust air – connection 200mm diameter
  • Electric connection: 230V / 50Hz / 16A

Installation by our specialists
Delivery incl. operating- and service-manual

Country of Manufacture

Designed and manufactured in Germany by MEDIS MT GmbH according to ISO 9001 and valid EN-norms as well as occupational health and safety regulations.