MEDIS Medical Technology GmbH

Flurstr. 8
D-94234 Viechtach / Germany

R&D and Manufacturing Company for St. St. Products and Instrument-Systems

MEDIS Medical Technology GmbH Office
Flößerweg 17 35418 Buseck
Telefon +496408-5035-0

CEO / Managing Director: Hanne Weber
Trade Register I.D.: Deggendorf / Germany HRB 3402
VAT I.D. Number: DE 257 930 159
Manufacturer I.D.: Germany 21659

Fax: +49 / 6408 / 5035-15
-Supporting Member of the International Society for Anatomy and the German VDP Association-

Design und Betreuung:
it update & coaching
 Tobias Franzel

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